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Nilab Yonousi

Nilab Yonousi is a young, talented Dutch entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of YBC. She has been able to combine her passion for entrepreneurship, social impact, culture and travel with her business instinct. Both nationally and internationally she is considered to be an inspirator for young professionals. As an ambassador of Asalaam Afghan Peace and Welfare Organisation she is committed to women development and child education in Afghanistan.

Nilab is a versatile young woman with a broad cultural background, knowledge and great commitment. Because of her great passion for identifying of new business in various countries, she wishes to be the connecting link between the two parts of the world that she sees as her home, namely the Netherlands and Asia. She wants to contribute to multilateral relationship between these two parts of the world. Entrepreneurship, personal development and internationalisation are the fields in which she has gained ample experience, both in the Netherlands and internationally.


Nilab Yonousi


From refugee to successful entrepreneur and inspirator.

At the age of 5 Nilab, together with her mother and little brother, had to flee her homeland Afghanistan because of a war. In 2001 she came to the Netherlands as a refugee. Before this she had lived in Pakistan, Iran and Bulgaria. Nilab and her family wanted to start a new life here and do the utmost to get a better future. With her perseverance and hard work Nilab managed to go from pre-vocational secondary education to pre-university education and subsequently to VWO and university.

During her Business Administration study at Erasmus University (RSM) she moved to India for more than a year to work in marketing and to acquire more international work experience. At the moment she is doing her master in Digital Business and Innovation at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU).

Growing up in different countries has made manoeuvring between different cultures and contexts her second nature. She is familiar with the phenomenon of “trial and error”. The lows in her life have taught her many life lessons and have enriched her as a person. It has made her into who she is today. With this broad knowledge and thorough experience, she is able to support you extremely well.

Through the years Nilab has held several management positions in different companies such as the position of marketing manager of a company in cosmetics in India. She has an extensive professional network in The Netherlands, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Iran and Bulgaria. Furthermore, she has a thorough knowledge of the (business-) cultures in all these countries, also of the unwritten rules. On top of that, she speaks Dutch, English, Dari, Farsi, Hindi and Urdu.

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Nilab Yonousi, founder and owner of YBC, is also available for presentations, guest lectures, intercultural trainings, workshops and as a speaker and professional conference moderator. She works with a team of enthusiastic professionals with relevant experience, knowledge and networks.